Tuesday, June 10, 2014

indecisiveness & car shopping

the past year, I have been moving all around the place. from New Jersey, to Manhattan, to Philadelphia, I have just about lived everywhere on the east coast… obviously not really but it certainly feels like it. 
needless to say, keeping my car while I've been all over the map was basically not an option. getting my dog back in october certainly didn't help either… mostly because I drove a porsche boxster.

the car is & was in absolutely perfect condition when I purchased it. I planned on keeping it that way, which is impossible when you keep your car in the city. or have a dog with talons. so off she went to a new owner last weekend & it was definitely a very bittersweet moment. I have made many memories with that car, & more importantly I raced many people. 

selling the car comes with the lovely experience of buying a new car. a city and dog worthy car. I hate the process of buying/selling vehicles. dealers want to rip you off & you never know what the hell you're getting into on craigslist. 

after some extensive research online, I narrowed it down to a Jeep Grand Cherokee, a Nissan Xterra, or my one true love, a Subaru Impreza. my dad picked me up & off we went to test drive the cherokee and an xterra. I'm very specific about the car, basically as in, it has to be completely blacked out: black paint, black wheels, all black everything. after test driving the cherokee and an xterra, I realized how much I hated the cherokee & the xterra was looking better, especially after they offered to black out the wheels for me. unfortunately, the entire time all I could think about was the subaru. 

we were ready to purchase the xterra, but again, my heart was set on the subaru. my dad & I left, along with my indecisiveness, & decided to keep an open eye for any imprezas. fortunately for me, a friend of mine pointed me in the right direction & I completely fell in love with a white wrx. it's a beautiful car & the modifications done to the car make it super fast. super fast is even an understatement, the car is fucking fast as fuck. 

I'm crossing my fingers in hope that the impreza & I work out. if not theres always xterras I suppose. unfortunately, I doubt the xterra would qualm the speed bug I have. until then, car shopping for me remains stressful as fuck. 


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    1. blah the black one doesn't go fast!

  2. I agree. Car shopping is indeed stressful, especially if you don’t find the car you wanted, or found one that you wanted but it didn’t suit your needs. But we must be patient with these things. I know you’ll find the car you need eventually. How is the search, btw? I hope you've already bought a new one by now.

    Byron Walters @ Bob Dunn Subaru

  3. Didn’t you want to go with a completely black car? Well, despite the fact that the one you bought is aesthetically an opposite of what you originally wanted, I still think you got yourself a well-rounded package with this Impreza. Basically, it has all the features one would wanted in a car: nicely firm steering, better fuel mileage and stylishly spacious interiors. That being said, I hope everything will work out for you with this car.

    Diane Wilson @ Fletcher Chrysler Products