Thursday, June 5, 2014

warning: sushi photo overload

I spent my beautiful 80 degree wednesday at the park across the street from my house. I packed up a book, my water bottle, my puppy, & off we went! I was working on my tan, catching up on my reading, all the while, sushi was munching and rolling around on the grass. often I feel bad about cooping her up in the apartment all day while I'm off at classes or what not; I can tell how much she appreciates being outside when I do take her out.

we spent most of the afternoon just laying outside on the grass, a rare amenity in Philadelphia. a few dogs stopped by to play and smell Sushi, including her best fellow-shiba friend, akita. of course I had to have an mini-impromptu photoshoot - particularly for sushi's instagram: sushi_the_shiba.

how cute is it that akita's tail isn't curly anymore. also, the last picture of her eating a treat & sushi just staring at her is priceless.

other than the photoshoot of sushi, the best part of the day was honestly being able to finally just relax without my phone in my hand and constantly obsessing over checking it. putting it in the bottom of my purse & just people watching was lovely. being able to disconnect, even if its only for a few hours, is a beautiful thing.

also here are some songs I've been digging, I always do this, but these songs are so dance-y.
much love for cherub lately.

here's what I'm listening to:

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  1. can i come ova and sit in da park and use your wifi kthnx also instagram sushi obv SEE YA SAT