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My name is Cat, short for Catherine, and I hate cats. This is my personal collection of entirely too honest, narcissistic babble. I'm a college student, Philadelphian, photographer, dog-owner, francophile, wanna-be redhead, Disney lover, motorcycle rider, and a fast-car driver. I could surprise you. But probably not because really, I am just another twenty something.

The little dog that you see throughout my blog is Iiwaken, a Japenese cartoon Shiba Inu from the brand San-X. I recently became somewhat obsessed with all things kawaii and became obsessed with the cartoon, mostly because of my own Shiba Inu, Sushi. I post it throughout my blog because: 1) its fucking adorable, 2) it looks exactly like Sushi, & 3) I like to think of it as Sushi being apart of all of my posts whether I talk about her or not.

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