Friday, June 13, 2014

let the summer concerts commence

if you don't stalk my real life & blog life bff, rachel, over at sunshine & sinatra, well you're fucking doing it wrong. & by it I mean life. yes, you're doing life wrong. anyway, that bitch has always got my back. we've been friends since the ancient times of middle school and through the rough & always inevitably awkwardness that comes with that.

we recently became close again & share a similar interest in day drinking & of course, summer concerts. she is my go-to concert gal, & if you don't stalk my insta, again doing it wrong, then you wouldn't know what concerts we've been up to lately.

towards the end of april we attended a free (my favorite word) concert of one of my favorite OG myspace-days artists, MIA. the concert was basically a huge dance party & was super fun. drinking in the car beforehand & basically stumbling my ass into the venue is & was always a plus.

last weekend we attended a classic, Ray LaMontagne. I've been a ray fan since I first bought my jeep wrangler back in '11 and fell in love with driving around with the top off while blasting, skinny dipping, & hey me, hey mama. good ass memories to those songs off-roading in the pine barons with good people, exploring, & photographing.

anyway, the two of us went & it was pretty dope, except the fact that that asshole didn't play either song. in other words, I left pretty butt hurt.

for good measure, heres a flashback to dave matthews tailgate circa '11.
"trashed & alone: a memoir" by me.
also, when I get drunk, that is my face. in. every. picture.

this weekend we have plans to attend another classic in my book, dave matthews band. I've loved them for a long time & have gone to basically every recent concert they've performed here in Philly since '08. they always put on a great show & I always get wasted. whats there not to enjoy? unfortunately, I was attempting to make a typed list of my favorite dmb songs for you guys to enjoy, but I just can't pick a few. theres a dave song for any occasion & you just can't go wrong. I will say that I am not a fan of his new album that came out in 2012. stick to the classics. I don't ever listen to that one.

let the motherfucking summer concert season commence.
I've already got my sunscreen lathered, natty ice chilled, & red cup ready.


  1. now that this weekends over lets find more to go to!!!!!!!

  2. also listenign to dave while reading this post -- on mofuggin point