Tuesday, May 13, 2014

"tbt" & moms day

The obligatory mother's day post. What are moms for if not embarrassing Facebook profile pages, posting horrible pictures of you, and stalking your life daily on social media?
Yeah - happy mothers day. Here, I got you some random crap from my school's bookstore because I have no creativity and money. Hope you'll like it. Luckily, I did hand make my mom & nana cards for mothers day, but I do that for all occasions now… because again, I have no money.

This year my mother, father, and nana, celebrated by going out to a fancy restaurant in Philadelphia, Fork. It was delicious and there were many laughs and good memories shared. It turned into a reminiscing session for them, but for me it became: lets see who can embarrass Cat the most.

Hm... who would ever let me forget about the stage in my life where I decided that I was 11 and obsessed with wolves and neopets? Literally, don't get me started. I can't think of a more embarrassing time in my life. Somehow it always gets brought up, which makes me want to slowly saw off my ears with butter knives and eat them instead.

Ooo what about the life gem where I was in middle school and decided that being a "scene" kid was cool? Hello hot topic's #1 customer and Fall Out Boy's biggest fan. You can ask my boyfriend, he dated me when I was that young. I even wore hot pink cheetah pants in his company. I mean who let this happen?! Why was myspace a thing? Or being scene at all?! Ugh.

Who does this to their children? 
Oh yeah.. moms with social media accounts...

The above picture is proof that my mother decided at one time in my life to cut my hair like a bowl cut and it has never recovered. I mean what are those things on my head? I think they're trying to be bangs? Jesus christ. What a mess.

My moms Facebook pictures are basically all pictures of her cat, or her posting embarrassing photos of my brother and I. Proof:

classic embarrassing shot

Am I Benjamin Button?
This was sixth grade..

A sample of her fb pics…
all her cat

My life is/was always a huge joke and filled with hilarity and embarrassing moments like such. Mothers day is celebrating these moments because, shit, without her who would these embarrassing things even happen to in the first place?


  1. This post is too perfect FOR WORDS. Hello wolves ...how did we even become friends? Looking good while practicing for that L -piece. Biffypantz so proud.

    1. I don't understand how these things occurred in my life.. I just don't.

  2. neopets!! omg, the memories (and all the time wasted...) from that website. what's scarier? it's still totally around. moms are good for embarrassment aren't they? haha. :)

    1. Neopets was literally the biggest time waster… next to the sims.