Friday, May 9, 2014

do my thang

Yes, the secret's out: I love Miley. Honestly, who is better to listen to in the shower or getting ready to take on the day? Miley is a good singer, but really she is just a performer looking for the next big event she can exploit to get her name out there. But my secret love for Miley is not really the point of this post. 

"Do My Thang" is one of my favorite tracks off of her album mostly because of how it promotes female independence. I've always been super independent and one to not blend in. After all, I won "Most Individualistic" in middle school and I just don't win things. Go me. I grew up believing it was important for me to always express myself, whether it was through my outward appearance or creatively through art and photography. Its so important for women to understand that blending in and just being like everyone else is boring.

I've been called strange or out of place just based off of the way I dress. I wore Free People in high school and dressed very bohemian. People thought it was strange because I wasn't wearing Michael Kors, jeans, leggings, and Sperrys, or whatever the latest trend was. I never cared back then and I still don't care now. Not caring what others thought of me empowered me, set me apart, and made me feel independent. I've never really known the feeling of being insecure about myself or what others feel towards me because not caring liberates me and makes me feel happy. If I cared what others thought I would never be where I am today or be confident enough to pursue my own personal goals. Doing your own thing without caring about others opinions is one of the most important aspects I feel about living a happy life.

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  1. I like Miley too, probably more than I should. Haha. Her cover of Jolene is everything!


    1. I agree - Jolene is the shit. She has a lovely voice, but she is all about the attention of the media and doing cheap ploys to achieve it.