Friday, May 16, 2014

review - ipsy may box **

Happy Friday to all of my lovely blog friends out there! Happy graduation for all of you who are graduating college in the next few days too! I'm jealous af obviously - feels like eternity before I'll be wearing my cap & gown.

A few days ago I got my first subscription to ipsy in the mail. Which, for me, it turns out to be basically like a mini-Christmas when I get anything in the mail. The only things I ever really get in the mail are bills and junk so getting the cute pink package was a relief. Upon opening it upstairs I was happy to find the products all came in the cutest, mini make-up bag; it's perfect for keeping small make-up items together on the go. I love the natural, spring look of the design on the bag too.

Within the bag itself were five, sample sized items. My favorite being the Eva NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask. Having long, curly hair, it is constantly dry and having split ends. I'm always making homemade hair masks (eggs & olive oil works so well!) so having an actual hair mask product was exciting. After applying it to my hair it felt so soft and nourished. I would recommend the product, although I wouldn't buy it myself - mostly because my homemade recipes work just as well!

The Hang Ten Classic Sport SPF 50 was another product that I will definitely being using this summer. I am a tanning fiend in the summer and am under the sun with a bathing suit on the minute I can. The product advertises saying its natural, meaning it is "chemical-free". It says free of a lot of chemicals that are in a lot of other suntanning lotions making it perfect for my super-sensitive skin on my face. I would recommend this product as well and probably buy it myself at the store if it was relatively inexpensive.

The Pacificia Mineral Eyeshadow Duo is also great for a more natural looking look in the summer. I love the two shades and will definitely be using them. I never overdo it with makeup and prefer a more natural look so these are perfect.

The final two products I won't use and probably won't recommend. The Too Faced Chocolate Soleil medium/deep bronzer is just something I won't ever use. I don't ever use bronzer in my beauty routine and this specific color is way too dark for my skin tone. The Avène Thermal Spring Water…. literally what the fuck is this shit? Its water. In a mist bottle. I'm sorry but what a complete waste of a product. I can't believe it sells! Who buys something like that?! Literally the ingredients are water and nitrogen. Are you shitting me?

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and aren't spending your money on stupid products like the "thermal spring water" mist shit.

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  1. jhene aiko is amazeballs. and THE FREAKING WATER. maybe dave should write a review post on it...

    1. I know she is so good!! I've been nonstop listening to her for like a week straight. & The water.. I'll never understand! Like why are people actually buying it…

  2. loll i cracked up so hard at the spring water spray. i wouldn't know what to do with it either! for the bronzer since its too dark, could you use it as eyeshadow?