Saturday, February 22, 2014

I have been so so bad at posting lately. Not posting is the new black? ...obviously not but work with me here. This week has been crazy for me, between tests, my boyfriend staying with me at my apartment, and the concert on Wednesday, I've had no time for myself or my blog! I'll make it up to you I promise! xx

I thought I would utilize this post to brag about my experience on Wednesday night. My boyfriend and I went to the Kings of Leon concert in Philadelphia! It was so awesome!!! I cannot express my pure love for this band ever in a post. The emotions that I get when listening to their music is insane & brings back instant memories. I always used to plug in my iPod and play just their albums when I first got my license. I would drive around in my Jeep Wrangler in South Jersey, with the top down and the doors off, and just get completely lost, all the while Kings of Leon playing. Just playing some of my favorite songs brings back these memories of almost complete innocence and just not caring about anything in particular.

This is also my formal apology to anyone that attended the event & had to listen to my drunk singing (yelling) to every song. I wouldn't be attending any event, even my favorite band's, without my flask in my purse & spiking a drink. We went with the classic college student choice: cherry Burnetts & sprite. Not so bad on a budget… hello spiked shirley temple? Combine a bottle of Burnetts with my favorite music and this is what will happen. So again… sorry anyone/everyone that attended.