Monday, February 24, 2014

Brazilian… Not like the People

For those of you out there that have never had a wax before.. brace yourselves, don't have a crap attack. For those of you that have, welcome. share my pain.

First of all, I am obviously not talking about your eyebrows. If you have not waxed your eyebrows yet…. this is your sign. Go. I'm sure you & everyone else around you will thank you.
But this post isn't about the hair that grows unfortunately on our faces or how to get rid of it… no, I am talking about the forbidden bikini wax.

My first bikini wax was in a strange Russian nail/waxing salon in New York City right near Madison Square Park. It was walking distance and it came up when I yelped it, yes. I yelped my waxer,  with decent reviews.. most importantly, it was said to be cheap. Seeing I am and was at the time, a college student, hell yeah, cheap & free are my two favorite words. There are definitely some things that should not apply to this method of free/cheap: sushi, underwear, haircuts… bikini wax?

I went alone because all of my friends in the city were guys and obviously going with me to get a wax was not on their to-do list. The salon was about the size of a closet with older women in the front getting manicures and speaking in some foreign language that I would assume is Russian. They escorted me back to a "room" with the typical equipment you'd see in any wax salon. I put room in quotation marks because yes, it had a door and walls, but the walls didn't reach the ceiling. There was about a two inch gap between their makeshift rooms and the actual ceiling, providing just amount of room for the entire rest of the salon to hear me if I ever dared yelp in pain. I undressed from the waist down, put the cloth they gave me to cover myself, and hopped up on their table. The woman came in shortly after, speaking in a heavy Russian accent and making small talk. Seeing as I asked for a brazilian, she began ripping me apart immediately. Yes, the rumors are true folks, it hurts! Shocking! *Secret: It hurts less when you go after a drink or two and a few pain meds. It isn't an unbearable pain and it is over rather quickly. Bonus: when waxing you don't get the painful ingrown hairs or itching you get from shaving. Overall, I would recommend trying a wax if you haven't before just for that reason.

My first experience wasn't that bad at all, even if it was a little weird. For $80 I was completely hair free for about a month. Cheap(er) waxing at strange Russian salons in NYC? Not bad. Whether its for the beach or the boyfriend, bikini waxes are not that scary and can definitely be worth the money!

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