Monday, May 5, 2014

Isn't it Ironic?

Just call me Alanis Morissette right now because her song was the theme song of my Saturday night.
Basically any event that could've gone horrible did. I mean the amount of horrible things that were happening to me was actually becoming hilarious by the end of the night.

It all started when I went out on a date with my boyfriend (that's a long story that will be explained in another post) and it was absolutely beautiful outside. We both got dressed up and walked to a little Italian eatery thats about a 10 minute walk from my house and were seated outside. When the waiter sat us next to the kitchen door I knew the rest of the night was going to go downhill from there.. and it did… fast and hard. As in it started thunderstorming/monsooning right before the waiter took our order.
He tried his hardest to move us under the three inches of awning to keep us dry, but of course my boyfriend was still getting rained on. The waiter moved on to trying to put up an umbrella for us and then the rain was just running off falling on our heads. This whole situation was taking about 20 minutes and the rain was pouring out of the skies so hard I could barely see across the street. After the two of us whom were becoming more and more wet by the minute, we decided to just leave and call a cab… which, of course, never showed up. So we walked home as it started drizzling. Of course it was the only time I have ever worn my three inch wedge heels and walked to dinner. Let me tell you walking in three inch heels, wedges or not, on wet cobblestoned streets is basically a remedy for a twisted ankle.

We didn't walk more than two minutes before he stepped in a puddle deeper than an olympic sized swimming pool. A few more minutes passed & a car drove by & splashed the both of us with basically a gallon of yummy street water, classic Carrie Bradshaw circa Sex & The City theme.

Did I mention that by now it was  9:15pm and we hadn't eaten anything all day? At this point we were the grumpiest cats anyone had ever seen and were basically muttering satanic latin tongues to the gods. We agreed to just eat at the next place we came by, which was another Italian restaurant that I had been wanting to try. The woman sat us quickly and we were ready to order when she explained that they were cash only… & we only had our debit/credit cards. I almost smashed my water glass on the side of the table & slit her throat with the broken class, but I decided calmly walking outside was the more mature option.

By this point I could tell that my boyfriend would have literally eaten out of a dumpster for leftovers so he just got take out pizza from a place around the corner from my apartment.
I mean the evening was so horrible that I was expecting to have lost my keys somehow because it just figured. Thank god I didn't although I'm still surprised. I finished my lovely evening in a bubble bath with white wine so I can't really complain. The events were just so ridiculous that I'm laughing about it while I'm typing. You can't make this stuff up people & I swear to you it only happens to me.

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  1. Truly weird shit happens to you. When was this?!

    1. I'm convinced weird shit like this only happens to me.. it was late Sat night!