Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Rainy Tuesday

I generally enjoy the idea of a rainy day. Finally having a good excuse to be a hermit and stay inside and drink tea. Music always seems to sound better on a rainy day and showers feel so much more refreshing - am I right?

The idea of going out in the rain is a totally different story.

I always thought I enjoyed the rain until I moved to a city, where doing anything requires walking and walking outside at that. You really just haven't experienced rain until your umbrella flips inside out and you get completely soaked or if a car splashes up rain water (sex and the city reference is real). Basically, living in the city sucks when its raining.

My dog agrees with me on this motto. She refuses to go outside when it rains and would absolutely rather hold it in for another day. I bought her a rain jacket and she looks adorable even if she was completely embarrassed and absolutely hid behind me when other dogs walked by.

Here's what I'm listening to:

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