Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Online Shopping Therapy

Whats the best therapy for any troubles? Umm… hello retail therapy.

After this weeks recent penile breakup drama shopping was a necessary. Hiding inside on a rainy day yesterday with my puppy next to me and watching the Lindsay show thats on demand, (I'm addicted, I am obsessed with her style also) I broke the bank a little and bought some stuff for myself online.

ShopJeen is one of my favorite online shops for all of the super lame things I'm into like, t-shirts and iPhone cases and jewelry. I bought two t-shirts, I just wish everything wasn't so expensive nowadays!

So cute for the summer with my black skater skirt, leggings &/or high-waisted shorts! 

I also bought this for my computer with all of the money that I've accumulated from selling some of my old clothes online. Its a computer sticker that I bought from an Etsy store. I'm hoping it will look as good in the picture but ughhhh who knows things never look as good in the pictures! (fast food ads hello?)

Hope everyone is having a lovely hump day! 

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  1. Tell me you got the aint no wifey shirt im obsessssssed ugh.