Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My Camera & I Go to Austin, TX

As you saw earlier this week in the post below, my empty stomach and I went to Austin, but my camera came with too! I haven't posted a lot about it much lately but my true passion and love lies in photography. I've been taking photographs for at least 10 years now, studied it in high school, took classes, and even went to an art school in Manhattan for a year. I really just realized I didn't need to be spending thousands of dollars learning about a craft I already knew so much about but thats a different story.

I post a lot of pictures to my blog but most of them are taken just on my iPhone so they're obviously nothing special. These photographs are taken all with a Canon 7D in RAW format. Each one tells a different story in itself of the city and I find they all really do Texas a good job in justifying its uniqueness.

This is only a small selection of a larger body of images that I took while I was there. I didn't want to inundate this post with too many images. 
I really do enjoy looking at them. 
I hope you all do too! 

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