Monday, March 17, 2014

Things I've Learned In A Relationship

Calling all ladies.
Single. Married. Divorced. In a relationship. Engaged.
I don't give a fuck this applies to every individual avec vagina.

I have been in a menagerie of relationships in my life and am currently in the middle of one that has really opened my eyes to the importance of myself and what it means to be involved in a healthy relationship. So I have created a list of some important factors for all to keep in mind when you find yourself involved with another.

Talk to Each other… and Listen
Keeping open communications between the two of you is extremely important. Neither of you should ever feel inferior to the other. It can be difficult but make sure you are really trying to listen to the other individual…. even if you really aren't interested - you might be able to learn something.

Disagreeing is Okay. 
Spending a significant amount of time with another individual, you are bound to argue about sometime. It is impossible to completely agree with someone 100% of the time and thats okay. Just make sure that you both recognize each other's points in a mature fashion and move on.

Take a breath.
Again, arguments and disagreements will occur. Just make sure that before you say the most hurtful thing, you take a breath and really think about it. Maybe it just means you have to walk away. Taking a walk to really give yourselves some time to digest the situation will make a difference. In ten minutes you will not be as mad as you were right when the argument began.

Social Media
Don't make yourself crazy with social media and the other individual, because you can... and will. Stalking their instagrams, twitters, Facebooks, whatever else, is unhealthy. If you have trust in the individual, trust that they are making smart decisions online too. If you're too worried they aren't making the right decisions maybe sitting down and talking about it is necessary.

Take time for yourself
The most important aspect of this list. Make sure you are taking time for yourself. Whether its getting together with your friends once a week, going to the gym, reading a book, make sure you're not getting completely engulfed in the relationship. It is easy to enjoy spending time with one another and thats completely normal, just make sure it isn't verging on the unhealthy side. Spending too much time with each other can have negative effects on the both of you so just make sure you're each getting you're own alone time.

I really could continue but I'll save it for another time and another post.
What bits of advice do you give to other ladies in regards to relationships?

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  1. AMEN. except I'm single and guys suck but this completely applies. CANT WAIT TO HANG WHEN YOU GET BACK
    xox, Lola

    Can we make that a thing again?

    1. Pippi & Lola is officially always a thing & us hanging out should be too.

  2. I agree with every single one of these! Especially that last one! I hate when couples do EVERYTHING together.. it's called girl's night for a reason, let your dude hang out with his friends for a change... I'm sharing that no pants quote with everyone it!

    1. Yes exactly! A break from one another occasionally is absolutely necessary. & Yes please share it! Its very cute.