Sunday, February 16, 2014

On Being Stood Up

Being stood up is the worst feeling in the world… especially when its your dad who is the culprit. I see him every few weeks to get dinner or lunch & we catch up on our lives & the family…. or to eat a free meal. oops. It was no surprise that when I reached out to him a few nights ago to get dinner, he agreed & we settled on 6pm for dinner. I was in the shower at 4:30 (amazing feat for me) & completely dressed & make-up on by 5:45. I waited on my couch for him to call me at 6 (like he normally does) to meet him downstairs…. When I had not heard from him since 3, I called him from my couch at 6, & he didn't answer. Finally, 6:15 rolled around & I got a text: "Sorry".

I know that people get sick, which was his excuse, or something comes up. It's okay. We're human. Regardless, the feeling of getting all dressed up & no where to go is horrible. Whether its your date, or your dad, it just all around sucks. I ended up spending my night in my adorable outfit & red lipstick, & made myself homemade pad thai with tofu… which I proceeded to eat on my couch with my dog.

I actually had tights and a dress on for once; I looked good! It was disappointing that I didn't get to be able to go out. I wish it was earlier because I would've gone out & just got a cup of coffee, just to have had some reason to have gotten dressed up. At least I was able to catch up on the recent episode of Shameless with a belly full of delicious Thai food. I know how Fiona feels to have just a shit-ton of negativity building up on you at once.

 At least I'm not getting arrested on coke charges. 

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