Friday, January 17, 2014

TGIF!! That means another round of Photography Friday here. Hope everyone had a wonderful week and are bracing themselves for a weekend of hopefully drunken escapades. Maybe I have inspired you enough to begin to photograph and document such escapades? No interesting story started with drinking a glass of water. 

So this week I wanted to exhibit a pretty well known photographer in the art world: Ryan McGinley. If you aren't familiar with his work it is all beautiful film pieces that amaze me every time I look at them. He and my last week's feature's work, Petra Collins, remind me of each other. He has even photographed her. A lot of focus on the human body and form as well as the strange activities that separate us from one another, the two tend to focus on. They are also extremely interested in the preservation and study of youth and youth culture. 

McGinley, born in 1998, is an American photographer based out of New York City. He is local to the area and he and I both grew up in NJ. He also attended the same university as I, Parsons The New School for Design, although he did not study photography while he was there. His work has been exhibited around the world and particularly in New York City. He is featured in the public collections in the Guggenheim Museum, The Whitney, and more. His work has been described as, "freezing a stage in a lifetime. Young and beautiful is as fleeting as a camera snap -- and thus all the more worth preserving." 

© Ryan McGinley 2013 - Body Loud

© Ryan McGinley 2013 - 2013

All images copyrighted © Ryan McGinley 2013


  1. so should post your stuff!! lets have a photoshoot in the future kthnx

    1. ty girl! <3 I don't think I'll post my own stuff, I have a website thats fucked up rn but I don't want this to become about that yknow? We can definitely figure something out in terms of photoshoot or something soon!