Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Owning a dog is one of the most positive experiences a human can have. I know there are cat people out there but honestly... you're wrong and I hate you. Cat people are a different type of people, mostly because all they can do is not shut up about how much they love cats. I really do hope that such people end up living alone with their dream of a million cats. Thats how much they piss me off. 

Since I adopted my pup, I find myself generally happier as a person. If the ability to wake up every morning and spend at least five minutes cuddling with an adorable fluff ball doesn't already put my day off to a good start, I'm really not sure what would. She is always down for cuddles and sleeping, basically the only two ways to my heart. She is basically the perfect dog for me too, so I am extremely grateful every day for her. She is always on her best behavior and it is the best situation for me, being that I am a full-time college student. I have barely any time to train a puppy or a misbehaved dog, so her perfect behavior couldn't have worked out better for me. Basically, I'm bragging about how perfect my dog is. Sorry not sorry.

My recommendation would be to adopt a dog ASAP if you are considering it. According the the US Humane Society Organization, there are about 2.7 million pets that aren't adopted every year. Many people are convinced that the only way to get a dog is from a breeder or a pet store - you are wrong!! If anything, you could save yourself thousands of dollars. I adopted Sushi for only $90 at a local kill shelter in New Jersey. A Shiba Inu at a breeder would have cost me anywhere from $500 to $2,000, not including the vet bills or the spaying/neutering, which she was lucky enough to have previously been spayed prior to my adoption. 

People are also concerned that they "aren't sure what the are getting" when they adopt a pet from a shelter. Yes, it is true that sometimes dogs come with baggage, just like people. I will tell you from experience, the only animals I've had issues with were the ones that my family had bought from a pet store. A dog that we had bought from a local pet store was extremely sick when we first brought him home, and went on to have severe unstable mental problems. Shelters perform many tests on the animals when they are taken in to make sure they are suitable for specific homes (kids, other cats, etc.) to make sure that they can best fit the animals to an owner. 

Another issue people have is that they prefer buying puppies over older dogs. Puppies are super cute, but they come with huge responsibilities and are extremely time consuming. The first few months of having a puppy requires house-training, which takes a lot of energy and is extremely frustrating.. especially with your adorable puppy continuously is pissing on your favorite oriental rug. They also require just general training… leash training, teaching them basic commands, etc. I never had to deal with any of these aspects because Sushi is an older dog, and luckily, came as a huge bonus that she was already trained. I'm not guaranteeing that every dog at a shelter is going to be trained, but there is obviously a higher percentage than adopting a newborn puppy. 

Adopting has always been the right choice for me, and it should be the right choice for you too! I've been adopting all kinds of animals from rabbits to dogs for almost my entire life, if anyone has any questions be sure to ask me. Sushi has been happy ever since I brought her home and I couldn't be happier with my choice. I hope you make the right one when considering bringing an animal into your life. 


  1. Great post! I recently adopted as well -- I've had two dogs from breeders and two from shelters and they've really been wonderful. And a huge thing we were looking for when we adopted was a dog that was already housebroken and knew basic commands. My dog is two and a half years old, and we could've never found out a puppy as well-behaved as he is!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

    ~ Sarah
    Shades of Sarah

    1. Love that you are also a rescuer! Adopting is absolutely the best option! With the amount of kill shelters in the country, adoption is the animals best & only option! I saw the pictures of your pup on your blog & he's the cutest.