Sunday, January 5, 2014

NYE '14

Just another NYE post… that is going to get annoying. Not only just reading about some other random persons night but how I continue to use the same format as the title of my blog. Getting a little redundant but fuck it.

(Philadelphia fireworks from my roof)

I'm sure you're just dying to hear how my night went so you can compare and contrast to yours to draw a conclusion to see whether yours was better or if I shit on you. Trust me - I took no shits on anyone.

I channeled my inner Miley Cyrus and threw on my cropped smiley face t-shirt, black skirt, tights and wedge sneakers. My gold chain necklace complimented nicely with my red lipstick, shit, I even straightened my hair. I was ready to get drunk with my boyfriend! He came at 7 and we promptly started drinking strawberry margaritas, and by margaritas I mean 90% tequila and triple sec with some strawberries and ice mixed in. 2014 was rung in with the two of us throwing our clothes back on while we scrambled to get to the roof to see the fireworks. Oops. His friend and his girlfriend came shortly after and my boy went downstairs to let them in so I stood and watched the fireworks alone. The four of us continued to drink for a little until we all got tired and fell asleep at 3. I didn't even get too drunk! The three of them left early the next morning. I guess we're just not that exciting as we all used to be.


In the few days that have passed I've mostly just been hiding in my apartment because of the snow storm. Cold weather and I don't mix too well and I have really only left to take my puppy outside. I plan on spending tonight hiding inside again and hoping to warm up under the light of my TV screen.

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