Thursday, December 5, 2013

My Dog & I Have Too Much In Common

About two months ago I adopted my own first dog from an animal shelter near my parent's home. Our first introduction was while we were pulling into the driveway I saw them bringing in a dog that seemed as though it had ran away and I turned to my mom and sappily said, "Aw! Cute! A shiba inu!". Later, upon being escorted back to look at the dogs, I saw her once more staring at me with an expression on her face that was almost like she was judging me. While all of the other dogs scarily charged the gates and barked ravenously, she was making subconscious comments about my outfit, or the way I smelled.. which was probably like Dunkin Donuts iced coffee and egg and cheese bagels. Not only was she eyeing me up and down, but she almost seemed to disapprove. It was scrutiny at first sight.. so I took her home to my apartment.

So two months have since passed and I have realized that we have a lot more than in common than just how we both enjoy judging people. I'm not sure if I relate to dogs or just specifically my dog, but our favorite past times are all similar: eating, sleeping, and judging people. It has been a match made in human-doggie heaven since.

Also, above is a photograph I took of her doing two out of three of our favorite activities: rolling her eyes me and lounging around.
Since I live alone, most of the time I use the bathroom with the door cracked. She seems to enjoy coming and and staring/judging me while I am sitting on the toilet. Below is proof.

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