Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Very Traditional Christmas(?)

Christmas has always been one of my favorite times of the year. I was raised on the very modern christmas of pulling the "tree" from the attic and stuffing the branches into the always cheerful black pole, that eventually created a tree before our eyes. Putting the tree together was then followed by the extremely spirited yelling from my mother to get the rest of the "christmas crap" from the attic/basement, where my brother, Dad and I uncovered the rest of the dusty decorations. Usually some very festive phrases were muttered at this time such as, "Fuck this heavy ass shit. Who even bought all of this crap?" via my dad. I would like to believe that my first introduction to the lovely world of curse words was probably thanks to Christmas decorating. Usually my dad and I would finish decorating the outside of the house freezing our asses off. Lucky-mom stayed inside and waved from the windows, obviously relishing in the fact that she didn't have to try to unstring the seemingly infinite amount of Christmas lights that were to be strung somehow on the bushes. These lights also always managed to completely cease working in storage and now of course, no longer lit up. Followed by piling into the truck and off to Lowe's to spend $15 on a box of white lights. Traditions in my household die hard and I am summoned this year to drive to my parent's house and go through the same process as always. I can't complain, even though it sounds like a shit show… well okay it is.

(From last year, proof that I do freeze my ass off with my dad to decorate)

Anyway, all of these years of all of these traditions added up and now I am on my own to have my very own first Christmas. I am in the process of creating my own memories with my current boyfriend. This year I decided I wanted to buy my first ever real Christmas tree. Thanks to modern advances, it was purchased via the comfort of my own home on the internet and delivered directly to my door. A little variation in traditions never hurt anyone.. right? (Thanks QVC & internet for existing.) My boyfriend and I strung the lights and decorated the tree and my apartment while listening to Christmas music. Our lights all lit up when plugged in, didn't have to construct a tree from plastic and metal and luckily, we are both pretty fluid in the language of cursing to use at our own freewill. I have to say that I am happy and excited with where I am, in the midst of creating my own traditions. I also couldn't be happier to be doing it all with someone whom I love.

(Our 7'5" tree in its very traditional cardboard box form) 

(The final product)

(Wouldn't be Christmas without "the soft glow of electric sex gleaming in the window")

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  1. Ugh crying at all of this. When can I get an apt and live my life. If you are staying there over break this is obviously fate that I'm coming to play. I am so happy you are happy :-) Also, I can completely picture all of this with the fam