Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Vinyls & PBR

Just call me a horrible blogger because I have absolutely no schedule when it comes to this thang. I just blog when I'd like and when I'm inspired. Sorry!

Record Store Day was this Saturday and it was so fun. I woke up and walked down to the store down the street from me, AKA Music.

Record Store Day for those unaware is basically a celebration of music on vinyl and local, small record stores; a lot of bands release exclusive music on vinyls that are only available on Record Store Day in limited quantities. The store did an awesome job providing good vibes and music. Free beer was being given out (I was in there like swimwear obv) & local, free music was being played too.

The line wrapped around the store but the PBR and music made everything okay for sure. I was amongst Urban Outfitters biggest customers, dressed in tight pants, jean jackets and beards and tattoos all over the place. Not that I am complaining. A local band from New Jersey, Ortolan, played & I fell in love. I picked up their vinyl on the way out & haven't stopped listening to it. I was also able to pick up two exclusive releases, Ray Lamontagne & a Circa Survive & Sunny Day Real Estate collab, & a Born Ruffians vinyl too.

Basically, between the PBR, live music, and vinyls, it was a hipsters paradise. I enjoyed every minute of it & cannot wait for next year.

Here's what I'm Listening to:

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