Friday, April 11, 2014


For those who are always looking to try something different *raises hand*, Karma should be the first place on your list. I have only had Indian food a few times before and have definitely had mixed reviews. This time though? Totally impressed. I went for my birthday dinner this year because of the fantastic reviews it received on yelp and wanted to share some foods that neither my family nor boyfriend had tried before. Even my Nana, the pickiest and most dramatic person I have ever met to date, enjoyed her meal.

We ordered the tandoori gohi (cauliflower marinated in special, somewhat spicy sauces) for an appetizer and it was very yummy. The restaurant also brings chips and two sauces to the table, one that is spicy and a milder, green sauce. For my meal, I ordered malai kofta and it was absolutely delicious. The sauce was the perfect consistency and the spices were not overwhelming. Of course, naan was also ordered for the table, garlic and plain, and it was some of the best naan I've ever ate. Everyone else ordered some variety of a meat dish, two chicken dishes and a shrimp dish and everyone thoroughly enjoyed their meals. On top of having delicious foods, the service was quick and friendly. The atmosphere of the restaurant was also very nice and not busy at all.

All in all? Best Indian food in Philadelphia - hands down.

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These images are not of my dishes at the restaurant, but examples of what the dishes looked like. 

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  1. Omg looks so yum!!!