Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Simplicity & Happiness

Remembering to stay happy in times of stress & negativity is very hard. I always just try to remember the simple things. Below are some of the simple things in my life that remind me that it isn't so bad. What are some of your simple pleasures that put a smile on your face?

  • Sleeping next to my dog every night
  • Candles that smell like a memory
  • Piping hot black coffee and green tea
  • Floppy hats
  • Photography
  • Developing my own negatives
  • Hiding in a darkroom all day 
  • The smell on rainy days
  • Autumn leaves
  • Spring and autumn days
  • Summer nights
  • Chilled white wine
  • Sipping whisk(e)y with good friends
  • Socks with whacky patterns 
  • Music that knows exactly how to express what I can never say
  • Driving in a convertible with the top down at night
  • Stargazing
  • Getting lost in Manhattan
  • The fact that France is only a plane ride away
  • Poems and well written literature 
  • Admiring art
  • Someone that can make me laugh
  • When someone pets my dog and you can tell she makes them so happy
  • Taking a long, hot shower 
  • Binge-watching a Netflix TV show
  • Anything Disney related 
  • Listening to vinyl on my record player


  1. just reading this list makes me happy!!! its seriously all about the little things in life

  2. I'm glad it brightened your day even a little bit - it really is about little things & remembering that they're important too.