Monday, March 3, 2014

Loving/Hating Philadelphia

Christ Church 

After moving full-time to the city of brotherly love over eight months ago, I have had many ups and downs with the city. Moving from a city like New York City, where every place is extremely accessible via public transportation, and then moving to Philadelphia.. makes me frustrated to say the least. Trust me, if you have ever had to deal with SEPTA you know what I am talking about.

My pup at the National Constitution Center

Philly sunsets

There are also a lot of reasons to be in love with a city like this. Huffington Post has determined Philadelphia to be the most underrated city in America… and has given us 31 reasons why. If the over 200 BYOB restaurants don't make you fall in love, then going to a Phillies game or grubbing out at the Reading Terminal will. I have found myself in love with the city just walking my dog in my little neighborhood. I mean whats not to love living next to a book store and a record store? Or living directly across the street from a park or even living walking distance from the Constitution Center? I walk my dog past Betsy Ross's house every night for christ sake.

If that isn't convincing, Philly is also significantly cheaper than living in Manhattan and being a college student, cheap is my favorite word. I also came across this article for doing Philly on a budget. Basically, I will be definitely doing a lot of what is in that article when it gets warmer out and so should you!

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