Sunday, January 26, 2014

Hermit Life

With all of this recent snow fall and sickness, I have become the biggest hermit alive. My life is normally pretty consistent with hiding away in my apartment on my couch behind a computer screen, but it has become a serious struggle to even take Sushi outside. I did manage to dye my hair a shade of lavender in the mean time & see Schoolboy Q perform. (Even if I couldn't actually see a damn thing… #shortgirlproblems)

Winter is cute and all but for like… max three days. Certainly not cute after its been snowing constantly for the entire month of January or when it turns to brown slush and I slip and slide while attempting to walk. I'm prepared to pick up and move to the southern region of France any day now - who is paying for my plane ticket?

Here is my less than exciting life the past few days in iPhone photograph form.

My neighborhood mid-blizzard.

My mama sent me flowers because I've been so sick.
It's a flower dog with a stethoscope, medical bag, & a head mirror!

The most delicious snack. Gluten-free toast, avocado, & tomatoes 
avec black coffee. 

Sushi in her snow booties! 
Essential when you live in the city & the sidewalks are covered
in really harmful salts. I swear by Pawz dog boots. 

Gluten free cinnamon Chex cereal with blackberries & raspberries. 
Très yummy. 

Here's what I've been listening to recently:


  1. I'm living the hermit life too! Btw, love these snaps! What camera did you use to take these? xx

    1. You're so sweet! I just used my iPhone camera! I use an app to edit them a bit.