Tuesday, December 17, 2013

On Being A Vegetarian

About four years ago I seriously decided that I would stop eating meat altogether and become a complete vegetarian. Well... pescetarian, meaning I eat fish but no one usually knows what that means so I usually just say vegetarian. Even though I do eat fish, it is on the rare occasion. Maximum once a month and I always do try to find vegetarian alternatives when given the option.
Anyways, I constantly get bombarded with questions like, "Where do you get your protein?!" or "So like is it hard? I could never do it.. Don't you crave cheeseburgers? Don't you ever want chicken?"

Ughhhhhhhhhh. Honestly, no - it is not hard. And after watching so many documentaries and reading so many books on the subject, the thought of meat makes me sick to my stomach. I would never eat any meat in the United States thanks to our lovely food industry. I do get my protein from a variety of sources: a shit ton of quinoa, beans, etc. A few companies make some yummy alternatives, MorningStar.. Amy's... that taste enough like chicken nuggets, especially when they're swimming in BBQ sauce (jesus elixir), to hold me over.

(Yes I photoshopped this - yay art school) 

The only time I really run into issues with being a veg is at fast food restaurants. There are rarely any vegetarian options at any of them which is annoying as fuck when you're hungry, drunk, and have about $5, at 2am. Thank god for TacoBell. I am and have always been a diehard TacoBell fan (if you're not you're a goddamn liar). Thank god they have their seven layer burrito, as shown in its natural environment above.

Also, Burger King has a MorningStar veggie burger that I tried today. (gif above is accurate about how I feel - catch me now at your local BK) Make sure to order it with their "king sauce" which is what they put on their whoppers - let me tell you, my taste buds were stoked. Even if you're not a veg I suggest it!

Being a vegetarian/pescetarian has a lot of benefits and it isn't as difficult as some may lead you to believe… unless you're a drunken, broke, college student in the middle of the night.

(or you're Ron Swanson)

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